The three paintings immediately below are a direct reference to the painter Paul Klee – see his works “Lowlands” and “Memory of a bird”. I selected the three subjects from a number of previous interpretations I had produced which were ideal for the horizontal linear format of these desolate landscapes.

The geology paintings (influenced by the aboriginal artist Queenie McKenzie) are the result of my fascination with the limestone landscape of the Craven Fault. The technique adopted for this series is a mixture of sgraffito and applied colour to represent the clints and grykes of the limestone pavement. This diagrammatic interpretation is perhaps a style to be developed, with further reference to other aboriginal work and the introduction of explanatory text.

The hard edged paintings with tiled effect grounds are a reference to the photographer Eadweard Muybridge 1830-1904. A pioneer of still photography recording movement (human and animal locomotion). The repetitive format of his strips of images appeal to my graphic sensibility and need for uniformity and pattern.